"She's not a witch, is she? IS SHE!!???" - Buc, Galaxy

Brigade Toad

Full Name Buckenberry Toad
Species Toad Brigade
First Appearance 2 (10/9/1988)
Latest Appearance  ?

Buc (/Buck) is one of the 6 members of the 2000s group Toad Brigade, who acts as attendants and royal guards. He is the smartest member of the Brigade and often helps Mario with the use of his knowledge.

Gender: B

Majority In Toad Franchise: 3

Majority In Mario Franchise: 10

Appear Frequency Approx.: 50.5%

Playable Frequency Approx.: 50.5%

Group: Toad Brigade


Sales: 7G People. 2nd place, after Mail.

Likes: 6G999M999K5H. 2nd place, after Mail.

Hates: K/2. 2nd-last place, after Mail.

Likes-Hates: 6G999M999K. 2nd place, after Mail.


Buc bears a strong resemblance to Bert from Partners in Time.

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