Captain Toad's Fiery Finale is the last Captain Toad level in Super Mario 3D World. It can be found in World Crown, a special world in the game.


This level features rising lava that makes the level hard, as Captain Toad will lose life if he touches it. It also features Blow Platforms and Platforms that rise when the lava is beneath it.

Green StarsEdit

  • Green Star1: Fall on the red platform at the beginning of the level. Once the lava reaches at a certain height, quickly move to the left platform and rush to the Star before the platform lowers.
  • Green Star2: After passing the second corner of the level, move to the next red platform and wait for the lava to lower so that you can get the Star in the hidden alcove and rush to the red platform to avoid being caught in the lava.
  • Green Star3: After passing the third corner of the level, quickly move to the fan platform and immediately blow on it with might to avoid the lava and get the Star.
  • Green Star4: After passing the fourth corner of the level, quickly run on the donut platforms before they fall towards the lava.
  • Green Star5: After getting the Stamp, fall in the gap that will have you land on the enemy and kill it. After that, walk on the two blocks that act like a plank to get the Star.