Brigade/Purple Toad

Full Name Mailtoad
Species Toad Brigade/Purple
First Appearance Galaxy
Latest Appearance  ?
Affiliation(s) Toad Brigade
Mail is a member of the Toad Brigade who appears in the Wii titles Galaxy and its sequel Galaxy 2 as the 2nd unlockable. He's playable in every game since SMG. He is distinguished by the purple spots on his mushroom cap along with a mail satchel which he carries on him all times while performing his mail delivering duties.

Oddly, Mail does appear in Toad as the 2nd unlockable, and at 1st was seemingly to have been replaced by Toadette, a Toad who was a part of the Toad Brigade until this game. Interestingly, Mail is the 2nd member of the original Toad Brigade to appear in the title as an unlockable, after Toadette.


Mailtoad's every1's favorite thing in the world!

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