Mushroom Mesa is a level in Episode 1 of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. The level appears in the story, The Secret Is In The Stars.


Shy Guys - Both Shy Guys, can be found walking round the mushroom.

Flaptors - The first flaptor can be found at the start of the level, and the second can be found duarding the two turnips.


  • Gem 1: Go in the second passageway to reveal a hidden cave leading to the diamond by turning right.
  • Gem 2: Kill the two Shy Guys using Turnips.
  • Gem 3: While on the three clustered touch platforms, stand on top the middle one with the one closest to the Star raised. Go in the hole of that platform and lower it while being inside to reveal a hidden alcove with the diamond.


Defeat all enemies.

Golden MushroomEdit

There is no golden mushroom in this level.