Plucky Path Beginnings is the first level of Episode 1 in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. The level appears in the first story The Secret Is In The Stars.


Shy Guys - There is only one Shy Guy in this level, which can be seen by the Turnips on top off the blocks.


  • Gem 1: Walk up the alcove near where you start.
  • Gem 2: After plucking the first blue switch, pluck a Turnip and throw it at the wall of eight Brick Blocks and one POW Block.
  • Gem 3: Walk to Blue Toad.


Grab the Golden Mushroom.

Golden MushroomEdit

The golden mushroom is located under the blocks, near the yellow ladder, however, it is covered by a block, pull a turnip to get a Super Pickaxe and smash the block and then follow the trail.