"Ready for adventure" - (Captain) Toad, Toad (Treasure Tracker)

2000s Toad group

SMG Prologue Toads
Full Name Toad Brigade
Species Toad
First Appearance Super
Latest Appearance  ?

The Toad Brigade is a group of 6 Toads that formed in 11/1/2007 & aid Mario in Galaxy by giving him coins, tips and power-ups. The group is made up of Toad, Toadette, Mail, Buckenberry, Alagold & Bank.

Found: 11/1/2017


Everyone's favorite group in the world of ANY type!

Toad Brigade Members
Chara2 ToadetteArt Toadblue Yellow toad by yoshigo99-d4g3kep Banktoad Mailtoad by Tom
Captain Toad Toadette Toadbert Lazytoad Banktoad Mailtoad