Walleye Tumble Temple is a level from Episode 1 in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. The level is featured in the first story The Secret Is In The Stars.


Walleyes - There are three Walleyes in this level. The first one is located near the start of the level blocking the doorway. The next is blocking the start of the path to the Power Star, and the next is blocking the end of the path.


  • Gem 1: After falling down, either throw a turnip at the first Walleye when it blocks the doorway and walk pass it, or walk through the doorway and go on the rotating platform to the diamond.
  • Gem 2: After crossing the other side of the stage, go through the other side of the hidden tunnel to reveal a hidden dead end. Pluck the stem three times to reveal the diamond.
  • Gem 3: After reaching the top of the other side of the stage, pass the first Walleye and turn left.


Don't break the unstable bridge leading towards the third diamond.

Golden MushroomEdit

There is no golden mushroom in this level.